Man tries to kidnap 10-year-old girl – didn’t realize that her dog was watching

I know people who think that pets, especially dogs, are only for our entertainment — that dogs are simple creatures and don’t understand much of what is going on around them.

But, in many cases, they have it all wrong! When my husband is on a business trip, our cats are worried until he gets home. Pets are not simple creatures! They are complex, with a wide variety of feelings, just like us.

Just because they can’t talk to us doesn’t mean that those feelings aren’t there!

Our animals are actually the most devoted and loyal companions — just read this real-life story and you’ll understand what I mean.

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It was a normal afternoon in 2017 when a little 10-year-old girl was outside with her dog in Woodbridge, Virginia.

But soon, she would become the victim of a terrifying attempted kidnapping. A large, unknown man suddenly approached her and grabbed her roughly by her arm.

According to the authorities, the man tried to kidnap the little girl. Fortunately, the girl’s loyal dog came to her rescue and defended her. The dog immediately bit the kidnapper, which was enough for him to let go of the girl and run away.

The suspect fled from the residential area and a K-9 unit searched the area to no avail, according to The Prince William County Police Department.

The police didn’t release the name or photos of the girl and her dog, out of respect for the family’s privacy.

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Everyone agrees that it was her brave dog that prevented the kidnapping.

The police also hail the heroic efforts of the dog.

“At approximately 3:50 pm, the victim, a 10-year-old girl, was reportedly walking her dog in the 1800 block of Heather Glenn Ct in Woodbridge when an unknown man approached her and grabbed her arm. During the encounter, the victim’s dog bit the suspect who then released her and fled on foot. A police K-9 checked the area. The suspect was not located. The victim was not injured. The investigation continues.”, wrote the police in a press release.

Extremely protective

It’s not uncommon for dogs to be extremely protective of their owners, especially when they are children and can’t defend themselves. Those who are potentially threatening and aggressive are most likely to get a reaction from a dog.

So don’t be surprised when a dog reacts to someone they don’t know — their reaction could end up being heroic! Fortunately, child kidnapping is not particularly common, but when it happens, it’s an unimaginable tragedy that affects the family and their community.

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Fortunately, this dog prevented tragedy by stepping in and defending its owner. A true four-legged hero!

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