Four tortured pups soaked in hot tar and left for die survive against all odds

Four tortured pups soaked in hot tar and left for die survive against all odds

This story makes my blood boil.

It happened in the city of Isai in northeastern Romania. Four puppies were found covered in burning hot tar. They were lying helpless in the middle of the street, and someone had left them there to die.

Thankfully, the good folks at The Sky Foundation for Animal Rights found about the poor puppies before it was too late. They arrived at the animal clinic in critical condition and had to be put under anaesthetic while the tar was removed.

Fortunately, all four pups are doing well.

But sadly, this wasn’t the first time dogs had been tortured with hot tar in Romania.


The horrifying incident happened in the summer of 2016 but it serves as a good reminder that people need to speak up and act for those who can’t defend themselves, whether they’re children, the elderly, or animals.

But what makes me even angrier about this story is that, according to the Daily Mail, the police officer assigned to the case admitted that he wasn’t going to waste his time investigating this crime.


On a scorching day in Iasi, the largest city in eastern Romania, someone poured fresh tar left over from a construction site onto four puppies.

The cruel person left the poor dogs to suffer in the middle of the road. Two of the puppies had tar covering 80 percent of their bodies.


Volunteers with the UK-based Paws2Rescue group discovered the puppies, left to die by what officials believe is someone who enjoys torturing animals.

“We’re starting to think there’s someone in the city who does these kinds of cruel acts on purpose,” said a representative of a local rescue group, Sky Foundation for Animal Rights.


The puppies were sent to a clinic where they stayed under observation for at least a week.

Veterinarian Sorin Puiu had to anesthetize the pups in order to remove the tar,

After that, they were put up for adoption after having recovered from the attack.


Animal advocacy groups including The Sky Foundation are working to help abused and neglected animals in Romania. But they can’t do it alone.

“During our 9 years of existence, it was a real struggle to find good stewards for the shelter because they did not understand why a dog should be fed and cared for when he is sick, why it should have a shelter against the rain, snow, cold,” Sky Foundation explains on its Facebook page.

People need to learn that it’s not okay to harm animals. And the police need to let the public that they won’t tolerate animal abuse.


“We could really use some kind of animal police institution right now,” he said.

Thankfully, the puppies are doing much better now, and have returned to their playful little selves.


Stray dogs have become an increasingly bigger problem in the streets of Romania since the 1980s when more and more residents took to apartment living and abandoned their pets.

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