Firefighters come to the rescue of dog who fell through ice

Firefighters come to the rescue of dog who fell through ice

It’s still winter, and the freezing weather and icy conditions can pose a real danger to our pets. We’ve seen many cases of pets falling into freezing water or getting trapped on ice, requiring some saving by local rescuers.

Thankfully, local firefighters and police are always willing to step up and help a pet in need. Recently, one fire department shared the story of an inspiring dog rescue — along with a warning for pet owners.

On March 5, the Duxbury Fire Department, in Massachusetts, responded to a call about a Labradoodle named Tukka who had fallen through ice:

The poor dog was trapped in the freezing cold water — but thankfully, a firefighter soon came to the rescue.

The firefighter “donned a survival suit” and braved the frigid, icy water, grabbing Tukka and bringing him back to land.

The department shared photos of the rescue, and it certainly looks like Tukka was scared and shaking after being exposed to the icy cold.

But thankfully, everything worked out in the end, thanks to his rescuers: “Tukka is doing great and was reunited with his owner,” the department wrote.

While things worked out in this case, there have been many, many stories of dogs falling through ice this winter alone. The Duxbury Fire Department took the opportunity to offer a caution to pet owners.

“Remember the only safe ice is at the rink,” they wrote.

For dogs, ice might seem like a hard surface that they can run and play on, not realizing the danger they’re in. During the winter, it’s important for dog owners to keep an eye on their pets and keep them on solid ground.

And fragile ice is no place for people, either: there have been cases of dog owners attempting to rescue their trapped pets, only to fall through the ice themselves, requiring their own rescue.

When a dog is in danger like this, it’s best to leave things to the professionals. As this story shows, firefighters are happy to brave the cold to save a pet’s life.

Thank you to these firefighters for saving the day! We’re so glad Tukka is safe, warm, dry and back with his owner!

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