Police and firefighters come to the rescue of labradoodle trapped on floating ice in river

For police and firefighters, it’s their duty to help their local citizens when they’re in need — whether they be human or animal. We’ve seen many stories of kind emergency responders coming to the rescue of trapped animals.

That’s especially true in the winter, when the freezing weather can be a danger to our pets. We’ve seen many cases of pets falling into freezing water or getting trapped on ice, requiring some saving by local rescuers.

Recently, one little dog became helplessly trapped on an ice floe in freezing cold water, until a team of police officers saved the day.

The Wyandotte Police Department, in Michigan, described a “pretty sweet rescue” on Monday, after a labradoodle got away from its owner and jumped into the icy, freezing Detroit River.


Thankfully, the dog was able to get out of the freezing water, lifting itself onto a floating chunk of ice. However, the dog was still freezing, and the floe was drifting away from the riverbank, meaning the dog had to be rescued quick.

Officers from the WPD, along with animal control and the local fire department, arrived on the scene to help the stranded dog.

The rescue team was able to get the ice close to the river bank. Then, a member of the fire department was able to grab the dog using a catchpole.


The weather conditions meant it was no easy task: “The rescuer did this while standing on a slippery ladder that was submerged in the river while his coworkers held onto him via a rope,” WPD wrote on Facebook.

Despite the challenge, the rescue team was able to get the dog to safety after the firefighter carried it up the ladder.

“Truly an amazing and awesome rescue,” the WPD wrote.

After they shared the rescue video on Facebook, the departments were praised for their heroism.

“Great job Officers, and Fire department,” a top comment reads. “Glad the pup was rescued and no one was hurt. Stay safe.”

Watch the rescue video below:

Thank you to these police officers and firefighters for rescuing this poor dog from the freezing river! So glad it’s safe, warm and dry now.

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