Firefighters come to the rescue of dog who fell through ice on frozen lake

It’s the middle of winter, and the freezing weather can be a danger to our pets. There have been some cases of dogs accidentally falling through ice, becoming helplessly trapped in the frigid water below.

Thankfully, firefighters are always there to help a dog in need. This week a team of firefighters worked together and used a little quick-thinking to save a dog trapped in an icy lake.

On January 10, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, in Washington, received a call about a dog who had fallen through a thin layer of ice in a pond in North Franklin County. The dog was trapped in freezing water and unable to get out.

The responders on the scene were deeply concerned about the dog’s condition: with the water temperature so low, they were “fearful that time was running out.”

The plan would require quick-thinking and ingenuity. They had to rescue the dog without getting into the water themselves, making their way through 40 yards of ice-covered water.

They came up with a plan for a volunteer to make his way across the water in a small pond boat, using only a Leatherman tool to maneuver his way through the ice.

Thankfully, he was able to reach the dog — although the next step required some quick trust-building.

The scared dog was reportedly “initially hesitant towards the unfamiliar face,” but soon warmed up to the firefighter when it realized he was there to help.

The trust allowed the firefighter to hook the dog’s neck collar and finally pull it out of the icy water.

“First responders assisting from the shoreline were ecstatic to see the dog saved,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook. “This positive outcome was possible because of valued volunteer first responders.”

We’re so glad this dog is safe, dry and warm now, all thanks to the quick-thinking of these brave firefighters!

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