Firefighters brave freezing cold water to save dog who fell through ice

It’s a firefighter’s duty to help their local citizens when they’re in need — whether they be human or animal. We’ve seen many stories of kind emergency responders coming to the rescue of trapped animals.

And sometimes that requires them to brave some pretty harsh conditions. Like the firefighters who ventured into an icy, frozen pond to save a trapped dog.

The Frewsburg Fire Company, in upstate New York, responded to a call about a border collie that had partially fallen through the ice. The dog’s legs were trapped in the freezing cold water.

Arriving on the scene, the firefighters didn’t hesitate to suit up and head out into the cold water to save the dog.

“Utilizing the proper gear, firefighters were able to enter the pond and break the ice and meet up the dog who was struggling to maneuver on the thin ice,” reported the Chautauqua County Sheriff.

A photo shows one of the firefighters, connected by a tether, making his way through the ice-covered pond towards the dog.

The mission was a success: the firefighter reached the dog, and carried him back to shore.

The border collie and the firefighters then warmed up in the fire truck, until the responders brought the dog to his home, reuniting the pet with his family.

Thankfully, the dog was unharmed, and glad to be back in his nice warm home — thanks to the heroic actions of these firefighters.

“The owners report he is warm and back to his normal self,” the Frewsburg Fire company wrote on Facebook. “Job well done by everyone involved!”

“Thanks to the quick action of the fire department, there was a very happy ending to this dangerous situation,” the Chautauqua County Sheriff wrote.

Many people commented on the story on social media, thanking the firefighters for saving the day: “On behalf of all animal lovers, thank you!” one commenter wrote.

Thank you to these firefighters for saving this trapped dog! We’re so glad everyone is safe, dry and warm now and this dog is back with his family!

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