Deputy saves woman and her dog who fell through frozen pond — his second dog rescue in two weeks

We’re in the middle of winter, and icy weather conditions can be a danger to our pets. We’ve seen stories of animals getting stranded on ice or even falling into the freezing water, and of the rescuers who go out to save them.

But one woman discovered it was easier said than done, after attempting to rescue her dog from a frozen pond but then getting stuck herself.

Thankfully, both dog and owner are safe now, after a deputy came to their rescue.

According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, in Ohio, Deputy Evan Depew was on patrol on February 6 when he got the call about a dog and woman who were both trapped in a frozen pond.

The dog had reportedly wandered out onto the pond and fell through the ice. His owner then attempted to crawl across the ice to save him — but the effort was in vain as the woman then fell through herself.

The both of them were now in a dangerous situation. But thankfully, help soon arrived before it was too late.

Deputy Depew, who is also a member of Emergency Response Services, arrived and pulled them both to safety.

“The quick response to the call saved the life of a woman and her dog,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote.

Both the woman and her dog were wrapped in blankets and checked by EMS.

Deputy Depew was hailed as a hero — and remarkably, this was the second such rescue he made in two weeks.

On January 26, Depew responded to a call about a German Shepherd puppy who had fell through the ice of a pond while chasing ducks.

“Deputy Depew used a throw bag to lasso the dog and pull him to safety,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote. “The puppy was immediately wrapped in an emergency blanket and reunited with its owner.”

For Immediate Release… January 28, 2022DEPUTY TRAINED WITH EMERGENCY RESPONSE…

Posted by Butler County Sheriff's Office on Friday, January 28, 2022

It’s remarkable that he saved two dogs from such similar circumstances in less than two weeks.

And the second rescue shows how tricky saving a dog from frozen ice can be — a situation that the average dog owner, despite heroic intentions, might make worse by getting themselves trapped.

The sheriff’s department says it’s a story that shows the importance of training emergency responders how to safely deal with cases like this.

“Quick responses with the knowledge, skills and equipment to make a difference,” Sheriff Richard K. Jones said in a release.

Thank you to Deputy Depew for saving the day (twice)! We’re so glad both the dog and owner are safe, warm and dry now thanks to your quick action.

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