Police sled across frozen bay to save deer trapped in icy water

Police sled across frozen bay to save deer trapped in icy water

Disney fans might remember a classic scene from the film Bambi in which the titular deer struggles to get his footing on ice. And recently, one real-life Bambi got itself into trouble while skating on ice… and needed some rescuing by local police officers.

The Suffolk County Police Department, on Long Island, responded to a call on Sunday afternoon about a fawn whose “skate on the ice took a dicey turn.”

The fawn had reportedly gotten stuck halfway submerged in icy, 40-degree water, 60 feet off the shore of Narrow Bay.

With the young deer struggling in the cold water, Marine Bureau officers Robert Daniels, Robert King and Gary Quenzer had to “act fast” to save it, and had to carefully make their way across the fragile ice.

According to a press release from the department, the officers put on ice rescue gear and Officer King used an ice sled to travel across the bay.

He reached the fawn and lifted it out of the water onto the sled, and Daniels and Quenzer pulled them back to shore.

The deer was then dried with a towel and wrapped in blankets before being brought to an animal rescue for treatment.

The mission was a success, and the department referenced the upcoming Winter Olympics in their story, comparing the deer to an Olympic skater and the officers to gold medalists.

“Good job to all of the officers involved–this is a gold medal worthy rescue in our book!” the department wrote in a Facebook post.

We’re so glad this deer is safe. Thank you to these police officers for braving the cold and saving this poor animal!

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