Everyone was afraid of her because she looked like a wolf — but now look at her dramatic transformation

After someone saw a “wolf” wandering the streets of Los Angeles, concerned residents called the animal welfare group Hope for Paws.

Hope for Paws helps rescue and care for abandoned and abused dogs. The animal heroes rushed straight over to see how they could help.

But they could hardly believe their eyes when they arrived and saw the “wolf.”


Lisa Chiarelli was the first to arrive on the scene. She saw the animal walking around in a fenced-in yard.

After inspecting the “wolf,” she noticed a collar around its throat.


The animal was filthy and was riddled with infections.

But to the surprise of Lisa and the other members of the Hope For Paws team, they soon realized that this “wolf” was in fact not a wolf but perhaps a wolf-dog hybrid.


Lisa managed to gain the dog’s confidence, mostly by feeding it lots of goodies.

She named the dog named Julia, but she was far from certain whether the poor animal would survive.

It was obvious that Julia was in a lot of pain, and after seeing how swollen the dog was from all her infections, Lisa took her to the vet.


Julia bled from her paws and had mange, as well as bruises and wounds everywhere. She was in extremely poor condition.

After a bath and little love, Julia was determined to be a mix of German shepherd and husky. Just 2 years old, Julia was in need of a safe and loving home.

Fortunately, thousands of people heard about Julia when Hope For Paws wrote about her on Facebook. It didn’t take long before Julia was able to recover and regain her strength and happiness!


Julia was adopted by a nice family in San Diego, who already had several huskies.

So Julia got several new friends at once. Wonderful!

Witness Julia’s incredible transformation in the video below and don’t forget to share it on Facebook with all the animal lovers you know!