Idiot thinks it’s fun to throw stones at dogs, karma comes in with full force

There are few things that make me angry but one thing that is sure to get my blood boiling is the abuse of a defenseless animal.

Unfortunately, a man was caught on camera doing just this, not just against one dog but two.

His senseless actions has been shared all over the world with thousands expressing their outrage at his actions.

But wait until you see the dogs get their revenge on their abuser.



For no apparent reason this man decided to throw stones at two dogs. He picks up whatever debris he can find on the ground and hurls it at these two dogs.

The crowd around him is shocked enough to stop and watch, while someone films the whole horrific scene from a balcony above.

The dogs, one of which was on a leash, didn’t react until it was clear this man wasn’t going to stop. Another man even joins in throwing debris at these dogs.

But it was the dogs that would have the last word on this.

Their response is shocking but shows that animals can defend themselves and those that abuse animals should think twice. You’re not all going to get away with it.

Warning: This video contains scenes some viewers may find upsetting.

Served him right, don’t you think?

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