Owner gives dog life-changing cancer results: Her reaction has hearts melting all over the world

Dogs have a great understanding of people – this has long been known.

They can interpret what we say, and, more importantly, they have an intuition that gives them a heightened sense of how we’re feeling. Dogs are always there for you; able to provide comfort in times of sadness or join in celebration in times of joy.

For one dog, Lily, every owner’s worst nightmare was realised when it became apparent that she had an aggressive cancer in her stomach.

Weeks later, after an emergency operation to remove the tumour, Lily’s owner got the all-important results. She passed the news onto Lily and the dog’s reaction has caused hearts to melt all over the world. She now has an army of fans.


When Lily began to appear weak and lacked the energy to do her usual things, her owner took her to the vets.

There, they would be faced with the news that Lily had a tumour in her stomach. The doctors told her there was only a 10% chance that it wasn’t cancerous. The problem, known as Hemangiosarcoma, kills many dogs worldwide every year. Due to the aggressive nature of the tumour, Lily’s family were forced to act fast.


The family knew what they needed to do. They agreed quickly that Lily should undergo surgery to remove the tumour. After the procedure, there was nothing to do but wait.

Lily’s recovery took a long time. In addition to this, it was a constant burden of angst on her family’s shoulders that they had to wait for test results that might well bear bad news.

One day, the phone rang.

Image source: Youtube/kittydorable

Lily’s owner answered and was greeted by the familiar sound of the veterinarian’s voice.

She sat down on the sofa, ready to hear the fateful news. When the vet delivered the results, she could hardly believe what was being said.

Image source: Youtube/kittydorable

The veterinarian explained that the test results had come back positively; Lily’s tumour was completely gone. Instantly, a stone disappeared from her owner’s stomach – she could barely focus enough for the next part of what she had to do: Telling Lily.

The owner took out her phone and called Lily in to give her the news. The dog’s reaction has gone on to win her the love of people all over the internet. Now she can concentrate on playing, like every normal dog should.

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