Deaf shelter dog who no one wanted finally finds her forever home

There are so many dogs waiting in shelters for their forever home, but sadly the wait is longer for some than others.

That’s especially true for dogs with disabilities. People are apparently less eager to adopt these different dogs, thinking it will be too much of a challenge.

But one deaf dog still had a lot of love to give, and her shelter didn’t give up on her — and their hard work finally paid off.

Meet Izzy, the deaf 8-year-old shelter dog who dreamed of having a family:

Hi!!! It’s me, Izzy again. I’m the especially wonderful 8-year-old deaf pitty who is looking for a forever home. 🌻 I’ve…

Posted by Niagara SPCA on Friday, August 21, 2020

Izzy was in the care of the Niagara County SPCA, who had a hard time finding a home for the poor dog. People seemed hesitant to adopt her just because she was deaf.

But the shelter continued to try to find her a home, saying that while Izzy may not be able to hear, she “knows what’s going on” because she can adapt in other ways.

“She can respond to the tug of her leash, or if she sees a car, she knows that it’s time to jump into it,” SPCA’s Kimberly LaRussa told WGRZ. “If you pat the floor, she knows it’s time to lay down.”

“She’s very mindful of her surroundings and what’s going on, so it’s just a matter of that she can’t hear, but what’s the big deal, right?”

Hi! My name is Izzy and I’m 8 years old! I’m having a hard time getting adopted because I’m deaf but what people don’t…

Posted by Niagara SPCA on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Izzy wasn’t a dog for just anyone, however. The SPCA looked for someone who could properly care for the dog by training her, possibly with sign language.

“She would just do best in a home with someone who is willing to give her that time and attention that she needs,” LaRussa said.

Otherwise, Izzy was a great, loving dog who enjoyed car rides and dinner dates.

Still, despite all their efforts to get the word out about Izzy, no one seemed interested in the dog, and she remained at the shelter, dreaming of her forever home.

No one will adopt Izzy because she’s deaf. 😢

Posted by Niagara County SPCA on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

But finally, they got their miracle.

After so many posts about how Izzy was still looking for her home, the Niagara County SPCA finally delivered some good news about the dog: she had been adopted.

“No one wanted to adopt Izzy because she was deaf… until today,” they wrote.

On August 28, they posted a video of Izzy finally leaving the shelter with her new mom:

No one wanted to adopt Izzy because she was deaf…until today 💕

Posted by Niagara County SPCA on Friday, August 28, 2020

We’re so happy Izzy finally has a home! Thank you to the SPCA for not giving up on her, and for her new family for taking a chance on this deaf dog in need of a little extra love.

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