Old shelter dog who nobody wanted finally finds his forever home

There are always so many dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted, but for some it just takes longer to find their forever home.

Sadly that’s often the case for older dogs. Most people visiting shelters want young puppies to take home and pass over the more senior dogs, even though they need love, too — a nice home to spend their final years in.

But luckily, once in a while a kindhearted person comes in and gives a home to one of these pets in need. That was the case for one old dog, who finally found a family after a long, long wait.

A dog named Arlo was the oldest dog in his building at Great Plains SPCA. According to a post by Mission Driven, he was also the only dog who kept getting passed over by visitors.

Arlo is the only dog at the Animal Shelter that gets no interest from a potential adopters, due to his age and…

Posted by Mission Driven on Saturday, July 11, 2020

Still, old Arlo never lost his joy for life, and remained a favorite by the whole staff.

They called him the sweetest dog in the shelter, and got him his favorite special treat, McDonalds cheeseburgers—which Arlo insisted be shared with all of his fellow dogs.

Still, because of his advanced age, the shelter worried that Arlo might never find a home of his own.

But that all changed this week, when a miracle happened: Arlo was adopted!

“He will never wake up in an animal shelter ever again,” Mission Driven announced, along with a photo of Arlo with his new family.

“Being the oldest dog in the building his chances of adoption weren’t very good, but for this family it was love at first sight.”

You can tell how happy Arlo is in the picture—there’s a clear smile on the old dog’s face:

ADOPTED!!!Thanks to everyone sharing Arlo’s story he will never wake up in an animal shelter ever again. Being the…

Posted by Mission Driven on Monday, July 13, 2020

We always love to see an old dog get adopted! Congratulations, Arlo! We know you’ll be very happy in your forever home!

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