Disabled dog was abandoned by owner, but a rescue helped him get back on his feet

All dogs are worthy of love and care, even the ones who have special needs and might need a little extra work. But sadly, many owners simply throw away their dogs like trash once they become too old or disabled, not willing to help get them the care they need.

That was the situation for one dog, but while his owner may have given up on him, his rescuers didn’t—and now he’s back on his feet.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India rescued a dog named Pumba, who was abandoned away by his owner for a heartbreaking reason: he could no longer walk, likely due to years of neglect.

“He may have lost his ability to walk because he was not allowed to move around,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote. “He had no muscle tone at all.”


But the rescue had faith in the dog, and knew they had to help him get back on his feet.

The started him on a regimen of weeks of therapy, including hydrotherapy. Guided around a pool by his trainers, Pumba slowly started to learn to use his legs again.

“We don’t know what he loved more, the water or the attention,” the rescue wrote.


The therapists loved Pumba, and over time he made miraculous progress.

After six, he was able to stand up and take steps all on his own.


After Pumba regained use of his legs, the rescue had a very special surprise for him.

He got to play with other dogs… something he never got to do before.


Now, Pumba is looking for his forever home. He is located in India, and the rescue is looking for someone in the area.

His new family will need to help continue his progress, giving him the proper exercise he was so long denied.

“He is one of the most adorable individuals you’ll ever meet,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote. “He is available for adoption to a loving family who promises never to chain him again, and to give this very social boy at least 2 hours every day to exercise and play with dog and human friends.”

“And wherever you live, adopt a rescue dog.”

We’re so proud of Pumba and his incredible recovery! Thank you to his rescuers for giving him the care he needed!

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