Old dog is abandoned and found with note: ‘Over 10 years old. Can no longer walk.’

A pet dog is a lifelong commitment. When you adopt you accept the responsibility to give them the love and care they deserve, even when they get old and frail.

Sadly, that isn’t always the case, and some owners throw away their dogs as soon as things get too difficult.

That was the case for one old dog who was ditched by his owners because of his disability, but luckily now has a second chance.

Last month, a Pyrenees dog was found tied to a sled and left outside the Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association in Cazenovia, New York.


It’s just the latest case of people who think they can just leave their pet outside a shelter instead of surrendering them properly or trying to get them help.

The dog was found with only a dish of water and a handwritten note that revealed his heartbreaking circumstance:

“Over 10 yrs. old. Can no longer walk.”


The employees at the humane association were heartbroken by the sight of the poor dog.

“He couldn’t move. He was just sad,” Mason Groesbeck, Animal Care Coordinator at Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association, told WSYR-TV.

They took the dog in and named him Perry. While his former owners gave up on him, they didn’t: they resolved to getting this poor dog the care he needed, hoping to get him back on his feet.


Perry’s story broke people’s hearts all over the internet, and locals rallied to help the poor dog, raising $6,000 for his care.

Their generosity went a long way: with a little love and care, Perry slowly learned to walk again.

“I cried the day he came in and I want to cry just looking at him and how much he’s improved. it just, he melts my heart,” said Sabrina Wilcox, Executive Shelter Manager at Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association.

We are so proud of our boy Perry. Look how well he is lifting is back feet!

Posted by Wanderers' Rest Humane Association on Saturday, July 11, 2020

According to WSYR-TV, Perry’s original owner was found and charged with failing to provide veterinary care in an ongoing investigation.

Perry, meanwhile, is doing great: he was taken in by his physical therapist, who has reportedly already spoiled the dog with lots of toys.

While things are looking up for this poor dog, the Humane Association hopes his story serves as an important reminder for people on getting pets the care they need.

“While we are not happy that this has happened, we hope everyone can view this as an educational event,” they wrote on Facebook.

“This is abandonment. If you can no longer care for your pet for any reason, give us a call and we can either directly help you or give you resources. Abandoning them is not the answer and will never be acceptable, especially one that can no longer walk.”

We’re so glad Perry is doing well and can walk again! It goes to show the impact a little love can have, and why you should never give up on your pets.

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