Blind dog who spent his whole life in chains is so happy to have a bed for the first time


So many dogs come from bad living situations and never know the simple pleasures of a loving home. So for a rescue dog, the simplest things can make a world of difference — like having their very own bed.

That was the case for one dog, who was rescued from a life of being chained up and neglected, and is now experiencing love for the first time in his new foster home as he looks forward to getting adopted.

Stevie is a terrier / basset hound, believed to be about 7-8 years old, and life has been hard for him. He’s completely blind, and spent all his life in chains with a neglectful owner.

When the poor dog was finally rescued by the Lancaster County SPCA, he was found in poor shape with worms and fleas, according to The Dodo, and had to undergo surgery to have a corn cob removed from his intestines.

He was taken in by the New York rescue Diamonds in the Ruff, who connected him with a foster family, where he would hopefully heal. But it took time for him to get settled in — according to his rescue bio, Stevie was bullied by other dogs and unable to defend himself, which has left him understandably on guard.

His new foster mom Erin Boyd said he growled and barked as they brought him home.

“We knew he was just protecting himself,” she told The Dodo. “When we got home, we brought the crate inside, and he would not come out. We were extra careful, knowing he could not see and us not knowing him yet.” 

But there was one thing in his new home that made Stevie feel loved, something he had never had before: his very own bed.

For many rescue dogs, having their own cozy bed is a symbol that they’re finally in good hands. Many neglectful owners don’t supply such comforts, and shelters often can’t afford to give every dog their own spot.

So Stevie was thrilled to have his very own doggy bed — and shows his excitement every time he sees it. Erin says the dog will do a “happy dance.”

“He jumps, will sometimes chew on a toy a little bit and then passes out,” Erin told The Dodo. “He sleeps a lot, but loves to snuggle, go for walks, chew on squeaky toys and give kisses!”

And despite being blind, Stevie has had no trouble getting around.

“Stevie is blind, but is very smart and can find his way around. He uses his smell and ears to help navigate way!” Diamonds in the Ruff wrote.

“He’s so smart,” Erin says. “He learned very quickly how to navigate through my house. He can find his way from the backyard, through the garage and up the three steps into the house.”

His foster home has done wonders for Stevie — but he’s still looking for his forever home.

The rescue is searching for a family who will make him feel as loved as his foster family has, and take the time to adjust him to new surroundings.

“He’s is a very sweet boy that just wants to be near his humans and feel safe,” Diamonds in the Ruff wrote on Facebook. “Snuggles, scratches and cuddling in bed are required. He does have some playful energy once in a while and loves his soft squeaky toys and treats!”

Our Stevie has been here for about 2 weeks now and his foster mom absolutely adores him!!!!! 💜You would never know…

Posted by Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue on Sunday, March 7, 2021

If you are interested in adopting Stevie, you can find his page here and fill out an adoption application at Diamond in the Ruff’s website.

Stevie has come so far, and we hope he’s able to find a loving forever home soon! Share this story to spread the word and help this beautiful dog get a family!