Blind dog and his ‘seeing eye cat’ find a home together after being surrendered to shelter

There are so many cats and dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted. Some have to wait longer than others: it can take months or even years of waiting as shelter workers try to find them just the right home.

But it’s even tougher for animals that are bonded, so close and inseparable that they have to be adopted as a pair. It’s tough to find someone willing to take in two pets at once.

But one animal duo, a dog and a cat, have a special reason to stick together: the dog is blind, and the cat is his “seeing eye cat.”

And while it first seemed unlikely that they would be able to find a home together, a kind adopter has agreed to take them both in.

According to Global News Canada, Spike the dog and Max the cat, both 8-years-old, were surrendered to the Saving Grace Animal Society in Alberta, Canada, after their owners realized they couldn’t give them the quality of life they needed.

The shelter picked up the pets, and it was immediately clear they were a team.

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Posted by Saving Grace Animal Society on Monday, January 25, 2021

“It’s absolutely adorable,” executive director Erin Deems told Global News Canada. “When we walked up onto the property, there was this tiny igloo shelter and they were just cuddled in there right together.”

“The cat has just kind of helped him in his little survival trek. They follow each other everywhere, they do every activity together and they sleep together.”

The animal society knew they had to find them a home together — it’s unimaginable that this blind dog would be able to adjust to a new home without his cat buddy by his side.

The shelter said that Spike and Max still needed to get checked by the vet, but then would be put up for adoption “as a duo.” To sweeten the deal, they said adopters would only have to pay the adoption fee for Spike, while Max would come “as a bonus.”

“These two have gone through some big changes in life recently and they are really just looking for a patient home to take them in and love them,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

** Spike & Max ** Let us tell you all about the adorable duo that is Spike & Max! Spike is an 8 yr old medium mixed…

Posted by Saving Grace Animal Society on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Still, they acknowledged that it might take some time to find these pets a home that would suit them.

“There’s got to be somebody out there that wants to take them on, but it is a little more challenging,” Erin Deems told Global News.

“Most people think it’s a lot to take in one animal, let alone two… but there’s always people out there with open hearts that really want to take in senior animals and show them the retirement home and love that they deserve.”

But despite all the odds against them, their story has a happy ending. After the story of Spike and Max went viral in January, a woman from Manitoba came forward, offering to take the blind dog and his seeing-eye-cat in as a team!

“Spike & Max have officially been ADOPTED and they are on their way home with their new mama!” Saving Grace Animal Society announced, sharing a photo of the pets in the arms of their new adopter.

*** OUR ADORABLE DUO IS EN ROUTE TO THEIR FOREVER HOME 💕 ***Spike & Max have officially been ADOPTED and they are on…

Posted by Saving Grace Animal Society on Saturday, February 20, 2021

“Thank you so much to everyone who shared their story- they’ve found the perfect home,” they wrote. “We are wishing the best of luck to this adorable duo.”

We’re so glad these two best friends found a home together! It’s clear they love & need each other, and we’re so glad that after everything they went through they won’t have to part ways.

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