Shelter volunteer sees sad dogs sleeping on concrete floor — then returns with dozens of dog beds

It can be a sad life for a dog in a shelter. They have no families or homes of their own, and have so little that even the smallest comforts can mean the world to them.

One thing that can really change a dog’s life is giving them their own bed. We’ve seen many stories of shelter dogs becoming overjoyed by the gift of a simple doggie bed.

But so often shelters are overcrowded and underfunded, and don’t always have enough beds to go around… but one shelter got a stunning gift from a kind stranger.

Stuart Edge is a YouTuber whose channel aims to “amaze and inspire.” In one 2016 video, he explains that he had recently visited a dog shelter for the first time to volunteer and walk the dogs—and was sad by what he saw.


“I realized how sad a dog shelter could actually be, because the dogs have to sleep on concrete floors, and they just don’t have the best situation to live in,” Stuart said.

He could see the sad looks on the dogs’ faces, and asked the shelter what kind of donations they could use. The shelter said they needed dog beds.


Stuart decided to honor their request and make a donation. But he didn’t just buy one or two dog beds… he bought dozens of them!

He went to a store with some friends and they loaded up a whole cart with stacks of dog beds. People at the checkout wondered why they needed so many!


Stuart returned to the shelter. Once again he volunteered to walk the dogs, giving them freedom and fresh air.

Then, he gave them the beds… and you could see immediately how much they loved it, and the difference it made.


Stuart said the experience meant a lot to him, and showed the benefits of not just helping dogs and shelters but just doing good in general.

It just goes to show how these shelter dogs appreciate the little things, and a simple gift can mean a world of difference to them.

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