Girl, 3, disappears without a trace: 15 hours later the police realize that she is not alone

The panic you feel when you lose sight of your child is something that all parents can relate to.

This is the story of a three-year-old child who wandered away from her home into Australian bushland, leaving her family frantically searching the remote area where they lived.

Thankfully the family’s 17-year-old blind dog became the unlikely hero of this story, not only protecting the child but leading rescuers to where she was. If you didn’t already think dogs were incredible, you will after reading this story.


Max is a 17 year old cattle dog, partially deaf and blind, ​​living in Queensland, Australia.

One day, three-year-old Aurora wandered off from her family’s remote rural home into bushland.

Her grandmother raised the alarm but as it was already late on a Friday evening and raining, there wasn’t much hope of finding her. Little did they know the trusted companion she had with her.

Max, hund
Photo: YouTube / News Today 24H

When Aurora’s grandmother noticed that the girl had disappeared, she immediately called the police.

Everyone was looking for the girl, but when it got dark and started to rain, they had to wait until dawn before they could continue the search.

Out all night in the rain and cold

In the morning, 100 people joined the emergency services to look for Aurora, who had been out all night in the cold and the rain.

About eight o’clock in the morning they finally found the three-year-old, and to the rescue team’s surprise she was not alone.

Max approached emergency workers and led them to Aurora and as they approached, they heard the girl shouting for her grandmother.

Photo: YouTube / News Today 24H

Max had followed her and stayed by her side all night where they had sheltered under a rock.

Apart from a few scratches she was unhurt, thanks to Max.

According to Australian ABC , Aurora and Max were found just over a mile away from their home.

After the incident, Max was made an honorary police dog for keeping the little girl safe.

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