Dog disappears without a trace: 27 days later, the family’s other dog begins to act strange

Like us humans, every dog ​​is unique. While some dogs hardly ever want to leave their bed, others love to run in the woods and chase all the exciting smells they encounter. My dog ​​loves to run free, and I know she will always comes when I call her.

But, unlike cats, us dog owners get worried when our dogs don’t return to us as they are not as independent as our feline friends.

A family in Saskatchewan, Canada knows all about how it feels to lose one of their beloved dogs.

Even though John and Cindy Billesberger searched everywhere, they could not find their Labrador Bruno. Days turned to weeks and still no sign of him; the family was worried.

When Bruno had been away for 27 days, the family were outside walking their two other dogs half a mile from their home when their other dogs started to act strange in a particular area.

John decided to investigate further.


That’s when he discovered a 10-foot-deep hole he’d never seen before, likely an old abandoned well. And at the bottom lay Bruno, the Huffington Post reports.


Severely injured

Bruno was injured and very weak, so weak he couldn’t bark.

The poor pooch had several cuts and bruises and several of his wounds were infected. He’d even worn the pads off his paws trying to climb out.

John called on his son to help, who hung onto a rope while he lowered himself into the well to rescue Bruno. They rushed him to the nearest vet where Bruno was given an IV and his injuries were assessed.


He was incredibly malnourished, dehydrated and had anemia. In a way he was fortunate to have fallen in a well as the water reserves helped to keep him alive.

Thanks to skilled veterinarians, Bruno quickly recovered.

What luck that his dog brothers were able to lead his family to him and rescue him from that cold, dark well. 

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