20 golden retrievers find new homes in Florida after being saved from dog meat trade

It’s shocking to think that anyone would want to eat a dog, an animal that is so known to us as a loyal pet. But in some parts of the world, dogs are still kept and sold for their meat.

Pets and stray dogs are often stolen, kept in cramped cages and cooked as dinner.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has shed a harsh light on many of these “wet markets,” which have been cited as a possible origin for the coronavirus, more steps have been taken to crack down on the industry, and thankfully many dogs have been rescued from a terrible fate.

Recently, 20 golden retrievers were saved from the meat trade — and have now found new homes, thanks to a Florida rescue.

Golden Rescue South Florida, a rescue in Palm Beach County dedicated to rescuing golden retrievers, has saved over 2,000 dogs since 2005, according to WPTV.

And recently, they helped rehome a very special group of dogs: 20 goldens, aged 1-to-8-years-old, who had been rescued from meat markets across the globe.

“Their lives change 180 degrees from being tortured and horrifyingly treated and abandoned and abused and neglected to being loved and adored,” Lisa Hodgson, vice president of Golden Rescue South Florida, told WPTV.

The rescue has shared the stories of many of these dogs on their Facebook, like Tippy, who was rescued from a meat truck after people saw her being beaten, and while she now suffers from a bad leg she is in better hands:

Woo hoo! I went to the “beauty parlor”. I like this new life!!!!

Posted by Golden Rescue South Florida on Thursday, May 6, 2021

Or Zoe, the “sweetest girl” who was saved from a “run down puppy mill” where the dogs were destined to be sold to the meat market.

ADOPTED, 7 was rescued with 18 other Goldens from a run down puppy mill.They were all abandoned and weredestined…

Posted by Golden Rescue South Florida on Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thankfully, these dogs were spared a cruel fate, and were instead put up for adoption — and all found homes.

According to WPTV, the 20 dogs finally met their new owners at a dog park. They were eager to meet each other after a three month waiting period.

“You just know that you are giving them such a much better life and a much better experience than they would have had,” rescuer Tracey Griffis said.

We’re so glad these dogs are safe and have good homes!

It’s heartbreaking to think what might’ve happened to them — we hope people around the world will continue fighting back against the horrible dog meat industry.

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