Two brave women rescue dog being dragged by scooter on the way to slaughterhouse

It’s hard to imagine how anyone could hurt a dog, but people can be shockingly heartless, subjecting them to abuse and even slaughtering them for food.

It’s devastating to think about — but luckily, there are some good people willing to step in and stop the cruelty.

That was the case for two women, who were caught saving a dog from heartbreaking mistreatment… and saving him from an even worse fate.

Vietnam is home to an appalling dog meat industry. As if eating dogs wasn’t bad enough, they’re frequently killed in brutal ways, and to fill demand stray dogs and kidnapped pets are slaughtered.

That was almost the fate for one dog. He was seen being dragged behind a scooter, clearly in peril: he left a trail of blood on the pavement as he struggled to keep up with the driver’s speed.


But when two women witnessed this, they intervened, putting themselves at risk to save the dog.

“The motorbike man was furious and threatened them, but they held firm and protected the injured dog,” reports Fight Dog Meat, who posted the video.


When they held firm, the scooter man pretended he didn’t know the dog was being dragged. They didn’t believe him.

After the confrontation, the man drove off without the dog, and the women took it for medical treatment.

Most importantly, they saved him from a barbaric fate: “Poor little dog was saved just in time,” Fight Dog Meat wrote.

Thank you to these women for saving this poor dog! We hope he’s safe and doing well!

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