Stray kitten found at airport gets adopted by employee

There are so many stray animals out in the world fending for themselves, without a home or family to care for them.

But sometimes these animals end up in just the right place — and find just the right person.

That was the case for one kitten who wandered into an airport, and wound up making a new friend who would care for him forever.

Recently employees at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport discovered a stray kitten on their terminal ramp.


According to the airport’s post on Twitter, the team cleaned the cat up and took care of him overnight.

The poor stray kitten finally received a little human kindness after wandering around on his own. But things got even better the next morning.

The kitten apparently made a big impression on Wes England, one of the airports Public Safety Officers… so much so that he decided to adopt him!


Taking the stray home for good, Wes gave the cat a very fitting name: Boeing, or “Bo” for short.

And Bo now has a big happy family to take care of him: Wes told WDRB that the cat and his two children are now “inseparable.”

As the Louisville Airport said in their tweet, it was “a happy ending for everyone!”

We’re so glad Boeing has a forever home! Thank you to this man for adopting this stray cat!

It goes to show that sometimes pets come into your life in just the right place at the right time. Share this inspiring story!