Stray cat always waits outside store asking woman to buy him treats — until she adopts him

There are many stray animals on the streets around the world. Life can be hard for these homeless cats and dogs—they rely on the kindness of strangers, and have to find people to feed them.

One smart street cat always knew how to get people to buy him treats—but he got even more than he asked for from one woman.

A few weeks ago, Tania Sants, from Mexico, spotted a cat sitting in front of a store. She petted the cat, and suddenly he started leading her inside.

Not only did he lead her into the store… he lead her right to the cat treats!

It became clear that the cat was angling to get her to buy him something, and Tania happily obliged the sneaky cat. He even seemed to point out which one he wanted.

Tania bought him the treats, and the two went their separate ways.

But soon later, Tania returned to the store and found the cat waiting for her. He led her to his favorite section, and again Tania treated the stray to some treats.

But as she bought the cat treats, she began to worry about his wellbeing. The stray hat matted fur and no tail, indicating a rough life on the streets.

She asked the storekeepers about the cat. “They told me that no one had come looking for him,” Tania told The Dodo.

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Posted by Tania Santos Coy Tovar on Friday, March 20, 2020

So Tania did something incredible: she adopted him herself!

“I took him to my house and I adopted him,” Tania said.

It’s a heartwarming ending to this story. Clearly this cat picked the right person to ask for food.

“I bought him many treats,” Tania told The Dodo. “He can trust that I always will.”

Many people would’ve ignored this hungry cat, but this woman truly went above and beyond to make sure he’d never go hungry again.

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