Rescue kitten gets adopted after bonding with shelter volunteer

Shelters work hard to make sure all their animals go to loving homes, reaching out to people and encouraging them to adopt a pet.

But sometimes, the perfect adopter is right in front of them all along. That was the case at one shelter, after an employee formed a special bond with a kitten and knew it was meant to be.

Sugar the kitten was brought to the Exploits Valley SPCA in August, arriving with his siblings after being found in a “cat colony.”

Facebook/Exploits Valley SPCA

According to The Dodo, Sugar had a respiratory illness, which meant he had to stay in the shelter as his siblings got adopted.

But while he was there, he made a big impression on the staff with his outgoing personality.

“He was extremely friendly and vocal from the beginning,” shelter worker Sarah MacLeod told The Dodo. 

Sugar made an especially big impression on an employee named Glen, who would often clean the room Sugar was staying in.

The two got to know each other, to the point where Sugar would get excited whenever Glen visited, begging him to stop work and give him some affection instead.

Facebook/Exploits Valley SPCA

While Glen had met countless cats over his 30 years working for the shelter, he had never bonded with any like Sugar.

And while he wasn’t looking to adopt a new pet, he couldn’t deny the special thing they had — or stand to let him go.

“He has a cat already, but loved Sugar too much to let him be adopted,” Sarah said. 

So, Glen decided to adopt Sugar himself!

Facebook/Exploits Valley SPCA

It’s a very happy ending for a kitten who worked his way into a man’s heart.

“Sugar officially talked his way into a home, Glen has taken him for keeps,” Exploits Valley SPCA wrote on Facebook.

What a great story! We’re so glad these two found each other — it’s clear they have a real bond and it’s meant to be!

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