Cat dies after being sprayed with yellow paint

The first step to ending abuse and creating positive change for animals is recognizing the cruelty that threatens them.

Unfortunately, animals continue to be subjected to cruel acts by humans.

According to reports this week, an elderly cat died after it was sprayed all over with yellow waterproof paint.

The cat, named Miggeli, was targeted with yellow paint in Biel-Benken, Switzerland, this week, The Metro reported.

Miggeli’s owner, Sina Kunz, said she had noticed the yellow liquid all over Miggeli’s body as soon as the cat returned home on Saturday night.

Photos show the animal was entirely sprayed with a yellow substance, including its face and nose.

”Her entire body and especially her face were sprayed with waterproof yellow pain,” she told The Metro.

Miggeli was targeted because it’s an old cat, owner Sina Kunz said.

The animal attacker, who hasn’t been named, allegedly tortured other animals several times in the past week.

Sina did her best to save the cat, but Miggeli died three days later after slipping into a critical condition and had no hope of ever recovering.

After this tragedy, Kunz said she reported the attack to police. And it seems that an alleged abuser has been targeting several animals in the area.

Another cat in the area, called Haxli, had almost all of her fur shaved off, while her claws and whiskers had also been cut off.

The vet who examined her said the fur looked as though it was cut off with scissors and then shaved with a razor.

“A normal person would not do something like that… I think whoever did this really needs some serious help,” a vet was quoted by The Metro.

A police official said they were investigating the incidents, although they said the paint attack had happened some 7 kilometres away from where two other two cats were attacked.

R.I.P. little one your with your creator in heaven now ?

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