Dog rescued from puppy mill experiences soft bed for the first time

Animal experts who devote their lives to creating a better life for our four-legged friends will always advise against buying dogs from puppy mills and some pet stores.

Dogs endure a cruel existence in puppy mills often living in cramped cages, forced to breed continuously and usually from too young an age.

These poor pups don’t get to experience the joy of home comforts: a soft bed, hugs and outside play.

The Humane Society warns people away from the temptation of buying dogs from a puppy mill in order to “save it.”

“Unfortunately, that just opens up space for another puppy mill puppy and puts money into the pockets of the puppy mill industry,” the Humane Society writes on its website.

“The money you spend goes right back to the puppy mill operator, ensuring they will continue breeding and treating dogs inhumanely.”

Dog Who Spent Her Whole Life in a Metal Cage Feels a Soft Bed for ...

Sweet Delilah a sweet Lhasa Apso dog lived in a wire cage for nine long and unhappy years at a puppy mill.

Thankfully, she was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue, and was given a beautiful soft bed to lie on for the first time.

The organization, which has been rescuing puppy mill dogs since 2007, posted a video of Delilah enjoying her soft bed with an update on what happened after she was rescued.

“Delilah was adopted about 6 months after this, but was returned because her adopter was allergic to her,” wrote Jol Hen, in the comments’ section.

“Her foster mom took her back and adopted her. She’s now such a happy girl. She loves belly rubs, and starts every day with snuggles and a really long belly rub. She loves treats, and she paws the ground vigorously while barking while she’s waiting for it.

“She is just the joy of her adopter’s life. She lives with 4 other rescued fursiblings. Always adopt, never shop for a pet.”

Watch her enjoying her new soft bed in the clip below.

We’re so happy that Delilah finally got the home she deserves.

Please share to remind people to always buy dogs from rescue shelters, if we all did this puppy mills would have to close.