Tourist spots elephant giving birth and hits record, but then the herd comes charging in 

Having a baby has to be up there as one of life’s ultimate magical moments.

It’s also one of the most secretive moments as most moms give birth behind closed doors in a hospital room surrounded by a select few people.

But in the case of wild elephants the picture is a lot different and one group of tourists on safari in Southern Africa had the privilege of witnessing this amazing occasion by accident.

The startling moment was caught on camera and shows the female elephant standing with her trunk over her head as she pushes her baby out.

With no other herd members around she stands alone in the rain as the new life she has been growing for almost two years falls to the ground.

You can hear gasps from the group watching and as a viewer it feels such a privilege to witness such an event.

David Xing posted the video of the extraordinary moment at Chobe National Park, in Botswana, on YouTube where it has been viewed by more than one million people.

After her baby is born the mother gives it a gentle nudge to encourage him to stand up; a reminder of how independent baby wild animals have to be.

It’s then that the herd comes rushing to surround the new baby as the mom gives off what seems to be warning signals to the observing tourists nearby.

The herd then circle the newborn with their back to the vulnerable baby and mom so they can look out for any danger. It really is the most magnificent moment.

What is also impressive is how the newborn goes from just being born to walking in a matter of seconds.

Watch the amazing moment yourself in the clip below: 

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