Duck with arrow through his head survives three months before rescue

Duck with arrow through his head survives for three months before being rescued

A lucky duck has survived living with an arrow bolt sticking through its head for three months, according to reports.

It’s believed the duck was struck by a steel-tipped arrow attached to a fishing line three months ago. He not only survived the ordeal, but went on living as normal without the need for immediate treatment.

As per the Daily Mail, the duck was eventually rescued by three caring souls who paddled out in kayaks on the Radbuza River in Pilsen, Czech Republic. This was after several previous attempts to get hold of him had failed as he fled whenever humans drew near.

Credit / DESOP Plzen Animal Rescue

Karel Makon, who works at the DESOP Plzen animal rescue center that saved the poor creature, explained: “The first time we tried to catch him was in April.

“But it was in vain. We tried many times but he always flew away, and he recognised us. He couldn’t be caught.”

She continued: “On Monday we succeeded by taking advantage of the fact that the duck was moulting, so he wouldn’t be able to fly until new feathers grew.

Credit / DESOP Plzen Animal Rescue

“This time I was standing on the shore with a landing net on a long pole. Hanka and Radek distracted him in their kayaks.”

Once the duck was caught with a landing net he was taken to a local vet for examination and X-ray. The arrow bolt was removed without issue and he has reportedly been released back into the wild.

As for the person or persons responsible, Makon said: “It is possible that he was the victim of poaching. There was a fishing line on the arrow. It looks like a targeted hunt, but we lack evidence. Or it may be vandalism.”

Credit / DESOP Plzen Animal Rescue

In any case, I’m just thankful help was eventually given in time!

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