Woman dyes her Great Pyreneese dog bright red so he won’t get stolen

Many dog owners worry about their beloved pets getting stolen. Certain rare and expensive dog breeds can be a serious target for dognapping.

But one woman’s strategy for keeping her dog safe from thieves has generated a lot of buzz and controversy online, with some praising the idea and others questioning the owner’s motives.

Chloe is the owner of a 2-year-old Great Pyreneese dog named Dandy, who has a very unique appearance: he has bright red fur, thanks to pet dye applied by his owner:

Her decision to dye Dandy red immediately generated mixed responses on TikTok. Many comments read “poor dog,” wondering if the coloring is healthy, while others have been won over by the dog’s unique looks, comparing him to the character Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Chloe has assured followers that she only uses vegan, pet-safe dye (reportedly Opawz products), and in follow-up videos explained her reasonings for the dog’s dramatic makeover.


Reply to @cschubach979 this is for you and anyone else asking why? Because we can! That’s why. 🙂 #cliffordthebigreddog #LevisMusicProject #fyp #cute

♬ Island In The Sun – Weezer

She said part of the reason was to “keep him from getting stolen,” as the Great Pyreneese pup is a “rare breed in [her] area.”

Chloe also wrote that Dan seems to enjoy his new shade, as he “loves people and kids” and the red dye apparently makes the dog “more approachable.”

She also said she wanted to “educate others on safe pet dye practices,” and in other videos instructs followers how to dye their own dogs.

Dandy’s TikTok videos — which have amassed 10 million likes and over 318,000 followers on TikTok — have continued to generate debate.

Detractors have questioned Chloe’s intentions, pointing out that the dye would be unlikely to detract would-be dognappers and was just to get attention online.

But supporters have pointed out that Dandy seems to be a happy and well-cared for dog, doesn’t understand what color he is, and that the owner has a right to dye her dog for whatever reason as long as it’s safe and humane.

Dandy’s TikTok, despite its popularity, has been inactive since February. On his Instagram, the most recent post is from July — and it shows Dandy back to his natural fur color, with the dye faded:

Chloe wrote that he “needs a touch up,” and said that he would be “red soon,” and it’s unclear what color Dandy is currently.

But a notable number of the comments urged her not to re-dye the dog, preferring Dandy in his “true colors.”

What do you think of this decision to dye Dandy bright red? Is it a fun way to keep the dog safe from kidnappers, or unnecessary and poor treatment?

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