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Horse is reunited with his best friends after 4 years, watch their amazing reaction

Horses are fascinating creatures. They are graceful and stunning to watch, especially in a herd. I’ve always been envious of those people who spend time around horses and learn to ride them.

But did you know that horses are very social creatures and form attachments, not only with the humans that look after them, but with other horses too?

In the video below we have proof of this when a horse is reunited with its furry friends after four years apart. Their reaction brought tears to my eyes.


Sue Blagburn raised three horses Arthur, Harry and William in Muston Fields, England. They grew up together and became the best of friends.

When Sue’s job changed she was forced to give up Arthur and he spent the next four years apart from his friends as a competition horse.

Horses are highly social animals and are able to form companionship attachments. Many domesticated horses can become anxious if they live in isolation.

As a horse expert Sue knew that Arthur was missing out on the friends he had grown up with and told herself she would attempt to reunite them if she could.


Sue also missed Arthur and thankfully the day came when she could get him back.

Four years after having to give away her four-legged friend she was reunited with him.

But the really tearful reunion came when Arthur was reunited with Harry and William.

Before she introduced them again Sue said she wasn’t sure what would happen or whether the horses would recognize their old friend.


Harry and William were grazing when Arthur was released into their field.

Thankfully Sue managed to record the reunion as it turned out to be a beautiful moment.

“They’re just being horses, but horses that love each other and remember each other,” Sue says after seeing their wonderful reunion.

The horses even have a “rolling party” together in between snuggles and hugs.

See for yourself in the clip below and have your tissues at the ready.

This heart-warming clip shows just how deep these animals’ feeling run. It’s so wonderful to see them so happy to be reunited after four long years.  

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