Dad asks daughter to pose in front of horses – looks closer at photo and dies of laughter

Birthdays, weddings, holidays – photographs are a brilliant way to capture special occasions. With the incredible technology at our fingertips these days, it really is simple to grab memorable images at a moment’s notice.

Of course, a bi-product of so many photos being taken is that from time to time you can capture something, or indeed someone, that you never meant to. For one dad, his attempt at getting a snap of his daughter fits nicely into this category, with some absolutely hilarious consequences.

This little girl had no idea she would become world-famous when she posed for a photo with several horses on the street.

According to Time Magazine, the image captured was uploaded by a user to a Reddit forum.

Now, there’s not all that much information to go on, but it’s fairly easy to see why the picture was such a big hit.

Wolf 101,5 /Facebook

The girl in question was enjoying what was probably a wonderful day with her family. They were there to watch the Clydesdale horses; the animals present to perform in a parade.

It can be imagined that she plucked up the courage to give one of the horses some soft petting, only to be asked by her dad – or else one of her other relatives – to pose for a photo.

And so the girl did as she was asked, standing directly in front of the horses and giving a wide smile. The words “say cheese” come to mind, and for good reason.

Then the picture was taken …

Wolf 101,5 /Facebook

Talk about one of the photos of the decade!

Time reports that this incredible image was uploaded to Reddit 2016, by an account that has since been deleted. It’s unclear whether or not this picture was originally uploaded by The Wolf 101.5 FM.

In any case, it’s a fantastic photo that’s impossible not to like.

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