Viral video shows good dog staring lovingly at his vet during his check-up

Any dog owner knows how hard it can be to get your pet to the veterinarian. They always seem to instinctively know when they’re in for a check-up, and dread it so much they’ll go great lengths to avoid going.

But of course, vet appointments are important for a dog’s health, and one mature dog seems to understand that his doctor is only there to help… and now he’s going viral for his surprisingly patient attitude.

Letícia Piccoli is a veterinarian from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She clearly has a way with her patients, as one video shows of her treating a dog named Cambaxirra.

The dog not only sits still throughout his whole appointment, but she continuously stares lovingly at the vet.


Which is impressive, given the nature of the procedure. Letícia takes a blood sample from the dog with a needle—something that makes even humans nervous—but Cambaxirra doesn’t resist or even flinch.

The video went viral—people everywhere were in awe of this unusually harmonious interaction between the dog and her vet.

“I want someone to look at me like that good dog looks at the vet,” a comment on a Reddit post reads.

“Meanwhile, my pomeranian cries like you are killing her if you even hold her paw,” another person joked.

In reality, Letícia and Cambaxirra have a closer relationship than simply being a doctor and patient: it’s her own dog, or her “furry daughter” as she says.

But she really does have that calming manner with all of her patients. She works hard to make sure none of them feel afraid.

“I am afraid of needles and that is why I do everything so that the furry ones do not feel pain and are not traumatized,” Letícia told G1.

“I talk to my patients. When they enter the office, they immediately look at the small bowl of snacks, because they associate the visit with snacks and affection!”

Letícia says she originally filmed the video as a way to remind people to get their dogs vaccinated, but she’s glad it went viral because it shows the love and care she and her fellow veterinarians provide to these animals.

What an adorable video! If only all visits to the vet were that easy! Share this heartwarming story!