Dog plays dead to avoid going to the vet… until she hears treats

Just like humans, dogs often seem to be nervous about going to the doctors. Have you ever been driving to the vet and your dog suddenly recognizes the route and starts panicking? They have a surprisingly good sense for that kind of thing.

One dog apparently knew he was due for a vet appointment one morning, and pulled a clever ploy to get out of it… until he blew his cover.

Micki and David, a couple from New Zealand, document their lives through a YouTube and Instagram project called “Fun Kiwi Kids,” which features them, their two kids, and their pet Shiba Inu, Lulu.

But one of their adventures went viral in 2014 with 9 million views on YouTube.

Lulu was scheduled to be spayed at the vet, and seemingly aware of her fate, she tried to get out of it through a classic dog trick: she played dead.

Like so many kids trying to get out of going to school, Lulu stayed put in bed, refusing to move or answer, even as Micki tries to wake him.


Lulu stays impressively committed to the routine, although mom isn’t buying it: “Are you pretending you’re a dead puppy?” she asks.

She tries everything to get her to react: petting her, scaring her with a “Boo!” and taking away the blanket.

But the dog remains still.

But Micki goes for the last resort. If there’s anything dogs love as much as they hate going to the vet, it’s treats.

So she shakes the treats bag… and the sound is enough for Lulu to give up the act.

Miraculously, she springs back to life. “Treats are the only thing to revive her!” the YouTube description reads.


Watch the video below:

It’s easy to see why this video went viral. Every pet owner can relate to getting a stubborn dog to do something with the promise of treats.

But it also shows how intelligent and human-like dogs can be. Sure, this dog blew his cover, but it’s kind of amazing he thought to play dead in the first place!

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