Dog crashes party to beg for food, but the note on his collar says ‘don’t feed me’

If there’s a universal truth about dogs, it’s that they love to eat. They have endless appetites and can barely contain themselves around food. Any dog owner has seen their pets beg for scraps at the dinner table even after woofing down their own dish.

But one big dog really loves food… to the point that he needed his own warning label telling people to stop feeding him!

The funny story comes from Leslie Kowash, who recently attended a family reunion party in Georgia, where plenty of good food was served.

“We were in the yard of our cottage, with a big buffet table full of delicious southern food,” Leslie told The Dodo.

Apparently, the smell was irresistible, as soon they had an unexpected party crasher: a big dog arrived to get in on the meal.

Leslie Kowash/Instagram

The partygoers watched the big chocolate lab beg for scraps. There was no owner in sight, so they read the collar… and an unusual, hilarious note explained everything.

“Please don’t feed me,” the collar read. “Im getting too big. Send me home.”

Apparently, this was not the first time he had gone looking for food!

Leslie Kowash/Instagram

Leslie obeyed the request not to feed him, but still gave the big dog a little love.

“We did not send him home, but did give him belly rubs instead of snacks,” she wrote on Instagram.

Still, he apparently did manage to get a few bites from partygoers who hadn’t seen the collar, so it was still a successful mission for the dog. And like any good party guest, he knew when it was time to head out once the hosts started cleaning.

“Once we started cleaning up, he must have decided he wasn’t going to get much more, because the next time I looked, he had moseyed home,” Leslie told The Dodo.

Sounds like it’s back to the diet for this sneaky dog… at least until the next party.

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