German shepherd dog goes for a car ride: Watch his reaction when he realizes he’s visiting the vet

Anyone who has ever taken their dog to the vet knows it isn’t exactly the happiest of times for your animal.

I have a dog, and although my dog has never had anything scary or painful done by a vet, as soon as she realizes she’s there she starts to shake.

Another dog that really doesn’t appreciate a visit to the vet is German Shepherd dog Enzo.

German Shepards are tough, brave dogs and make great guard dogs. They’re also very intelligent and are often used as police sniffer dogs.

It’s also a breed commonly used in the army and many become fearless guardians for soldiers, helping to sniff out roadside bombs.

Enzo, Schäfer
Photo: YouTube

But all the toughness goes away when this German Shepherd realizes where he is.

His ears go down and he starts whining when the car stops and he sees the vet building.

Poor Enzo is terrified but his reaction is one that I’m sure all dog owners can relate to. Thankfully Enzo’s owners captured the moment on camera.

Enzo, Schäfer
Photo: YouTube

Enzo starts to frantically circle the back seat, as if trying to find the escape door.

His owners can’t help but giggle at his dramatic response, knowing that it’s a just routine visit to keep him healthy.

Watch this brave dog’s funny reaction in the video below.

I hope it’s a while before Enzo is forced to see the vet again. Share this clip with your animal-loving friends on Facebook.