Spotify can now generate a custom playlist for your pet

Millions of people around the world get their tunes from Spotify, the music streaming service with every song you can imagine.

It’s great for discovering new music and making playlist of your favorite jams. But why should only humans get to enjoy it? What about our pets?

It sounds silly, but animals can respond to music just like people do, and even have their favorite songs.


Which is why Spotify decided to cater to a new, furrier demographic with this cool new feature: you can generate a personalized playlist for your pet!

If you use Spotify, you know that the app follows your listening habits and can generate playlists of songs you might like.

The “Pets Playlist” feature follows the same idea, but instead of basing it on your dog’s curated playlists, it goes off of their personality traits.

You can make a playlist for all kinds of pets, from classic cats and dogs to hamsters and iguanas.

You’ll have to fill out some questions on behalf of your pet: are they relaxed or energetic? Are they shy or friendly?


Then, just enter their name, and Spotify does the rest, coming up with a playlist of songs for your dog.

I did this, and Spotify provided my dog an eclectic selection of tunes, from LCD Soundsystem to Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1, because he is both cooler and more high-class than I am, apparently. (They also included a song by Three Dog Night, naturally.)

While it’s silly, and I’m not totally sure what about my dog’s personality suggests he’d dig Jerry Garcia, music can be a fun way of bonding with your pet.

Spotify said they found 71% of pet owners have played music for their pets, and 69% even sing for them.

And about 80% say they believe their pet likes music, so why not give them a playlist of their own?


If you have Spotify and a pet, go ahead and try this, and let us know how they respond!

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