PHOTO: Youtube

Women drive by a horse stop to say hello – just watch what happens when they turn the music up

When Victoria Anderson-Gardner and her cousin Morningstar were driving home from shooting a documentary, they spotted a beautiful horse by the side of the road and just had to stop and say hey.

Victoria wound her window down and turned up her music. The song was the Fleetwood Mac classic, “Dreams.”

They could never have imagined what the horse would do next.

Source: Youtube

Animals simply never cease to amaze me. There are some people who claim they don’t experience feelings as humans do; some that they specifically can’t feel joy – but this is completely wrong! I’m always surprised when I see how smart and fun animals can be. This particular horse, from Ontario, Canada, is a brilliant example!

Horse starts jamming

“We started singing and then noticed the horse started to dance, so we turned the music up even louder!”, Victoria told BuzzFeed.  Clearly, this horse has great taste in music.

Source: Youtube

It turns out that horses may well love music just as much as we humans do. The cousins couldn’t believe this majestic creature’s reaction —  and neither can I. Fortunately, the event was captured on film. It’s no wonder that the clip now has tens of thousands of views in just a few days.

The horse’s reaction has left the whole internet in stitches of laughter. Take a look at the amazing clip below:

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