Police find missing Siberian husky – then the dog confirms his true owner with this special trick

When our precious pups run away or get lost it can leave us heartbroken; often they can be hard to track down and you can fear the worst.

Thankfully, there are good citizens out there that recognize a lost dog and do all they can to ensure it’s returned to their owner.

When a Siberian husky went missing in Israel he was found by a group of teenagers in a bad way. Police officers spotted the malnourished dog with the group of youngsters and decided to take him in.

Reuniting him with his owner wasn’t as hard as the officers thought it might be when they started to play his favorite music.


Siberian huskies are friendly and intelligent dogs but can also be stubborn. These beautiful dogs are instantly recognizable by their distinctive fur coat and markings.

So, when officers spotted the disheveled husky in Israel’s Negev Desert, they knew they had to take him in and try and find his owner.

The dog happened to fit the description of a missing dog they had on file; his owner was located around 6 miles away in Beersheba.

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The Jewish Chronicle

Police called the owner and asked him to come to the station to identify the dog.

The owner said he didn’t need to come to the station to prove the dog was his, officers just had to play the dog’s favorite songs and watch his response.

Officers played “Believe in Yourself” from the Canadian-American show “Arthur” and the theme song for the Israeli show “Shemesh”, according to Paw my Gosh.

The owner said if the dog sings along to the tunes then it was definitely his dog.

Watch the video below to see the dog’s response to the music and the emotional reunion with his owner.

How wonderful is this dog’s response? My favorite part is the reunion; clearly this dog had been struggling out on the streets alone and I’m so happy he was reunited with his owner.

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