Sick dog is about to be killed: then vet does the right thing

When a 4-month-old puppy was dropped off at Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio in April 2016, he was in such bad shape he couldn’t even eat. But he was happy and wagged his tail and tried to kiss everyone around him.

The dog, who became known as Squish, had a deformed face, which the veterinarian there thought was probably caused by an infection after another dog bit him.

The vet, Eileen Heldmann, gave Squish antibiotics, but nothing helped and the poor puppy kept getting weaker because he wasn’t getting any nutrition.

Squish’s future looked dim and two months later, a date was set for him be put down.

But the vet didn’t want to completely give up hope in the puppy, who despite suffering so much showed so much love. She brought him to a specialist who X-rayed Squish’s head to see how serious the damage was.

What the images reveal shocked everyone. Squish hadn’t been bitten, but had been hit so hard that his skull and upper jaw had been fractured. It was why he could barely open his mouth.

Squish would require several expensive operations if he was going to survive — and the vet wasn’t sure the operations would even help.

There were also questions. Who would pay for the surgery? And who would want to adopt him?

Around the same time, Danielle Boyd finished an internship at Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. She met Squish and decided to bring him home the night before he was to be euthanized. She wanted him to spend his last night in a real home instead of in a cage.

Squish watched Danielle with his sweet brown eyes and Danielle fell in love. How could a dog who experienced so much pain still be so kind and trusting?

He deserved to be loved, but he was already scheduled to be put down the next day.

When Danielle woke up, she made a decision — Squish couldn’t be killed. She would have to intervene.

But Danielle wasn’t the only one who fell in love with Squish. Eileen Heldmann, the veterinarian who had examined him, also wanted to help. So she operated on Squish the next day.

After the operation, Squish was able to eat on his own again. He lost some teeth, a bit of his jaw and his eye, but when he healed from his surgery, Squish was happier than ever. Now he spends his days playing, playing fetch and of course cuddling Danielle.

It turns out that Danielle had lost her dog just days before she met Squish, so it must have been fate that caused the two to meet. Squish needed Danielle and Danielle needed Squish.

Danielle Boyd
Facebook/Danielle Boyd

How lucky that everything ended well and that Squish finally got the home he deserves.

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