Shelter dog put in 'jail' after destroying office, gets bailed out by new forever family

Shelter dog put in ‘jail’ after destroying office, gets bailed out by new forever family

A shelter dog’s late night antics may have landed him in “doggy jail,” but they also unexpectedly led to a very happy ending.

Titan, a male husky in the care of Alabama’s Colbert County Animal Shelter, made quite a bit of trouble for the shelter earlier this week.

Shelter Director Corey Speegle told WAFF that Titan wiggled the latch on his kennel and after escaping wreaked havoc in the shelter’s front office.

“The alarm company called back and said multiple interior alarms were going off again,” Speegle told the outlet. “I told them it was probably a mouse. It was a husky.”

The shelter staff didn’t realize the damage done until they arrived to work Tuesday morning. According to a Facebook post, the husky “threw a party” which involved destroying their computer along with files and paperwork.

Titan also reportedly broke out two of his fellow dogs, though they didn’t make it to the lobby with him. The mess reportedly took a day to clean up and caused a delay in opening.

After causing such a wreck, Titan was placed in “doggy jail” — although the shelter still hoped a forever family would show up to “bail him out.”

The 4-year-old husky had just been surrendered by his previous owner, WAFF reported. Despite his destructive tendencies, he was said to get along well with shelter staff and, they knew he was a sweet dog who deserved a loving home.

“He is such a sweet dog, unless you are paper products,” the shelter joked.

Remarkably, despite Titan’s bad boy behavior, he soon got some great news: he got adopted!

Perhaps it was the notoriety around his “arrest,” but a family with experience with the breed decided to take a chance on this hellraising bad boy.

We hope Titan will be very happy in his new home, and hope he stays out of any more mischief!

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