Police officer finds tiny puppy on patrol and gives him a new home

Dogs have always been an important part of the police force. K-9 officers provide invaluable services like finding missing people and tracking down suspects.

Now the LAPD has recruited their cutest new member to the force: a little stray puppy!

Officers Mercado and Tavera, members of the LAPD Hollywood division, were on patrol near Hobart Boulevard in October when they spotted a tiny brown puppy, all on his own.

They decided to take him in, giving the little dog a ride in their police vehicle to the station.

The officers dubbed him “Hobart” after where he was found, and the dog quickly became part of the team. They called him the “newest member of our K-9 unit.”

The dog also became quite attached to the officers who saved him, and wouldn’t leave Officer Mercado’s side:

The officers looked for the dog’s rightful owners, but discovered his heartbreaking story: his owner couldn’t care for him any longer and was attempting to get rid of him.

Luckily the officers picked him up when he did, and Hobart was placed in the care of Ghetto Rescue to be put up for adoption.

But this story has a happy ending: Officer Mercado adopted Hobart himself!


According to a December update by Ghetto Rescue, the two are doing great.

“He’s the most loving and lively puppy. He loves all of his puppy cousins and will chew on his toys for hours. He’s still learning potty training and loves the outdoors/play time in the grass!”


Thank you to these officers for giving this poor puppy a new life! Maybe someday Hobart will join the force for real as a K-9 officer!

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