Pizzeria uses pizza boxes to reunite lost pets with their owners

Remember when photos of missing kids were plastered on milk cartons? A pizza shop in New Jersey is taking a similar approach in hopes of reuniting lost pets with their worried owners.

And it all started with a missing cat named Hazel.

“I thought to myself, ‘how can I help?'” John Sanfratello, owner of Angelo’s on Broad Street in Matawan, told PIX11.

He got the idea to place flyers of the missing cat on every pizza box that left his shop. Hazel was found before the missing posters needed to be distributed, but that didn’t stop John from wanting to help other pet owners.

“I decided, you know what, it is a good idea,” he said to ABC 7. “Why don’t we offer it to the community at large and that’s what we did.”

He shared the idea on his business’ Facebook and it quickly gained a lot of attention.

“It was a very heartwarming gesture,” Hazel’s owner, Lara May, said.

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Gepostet von Angelo's Pizza am Montag, 15. Juli 2019

Not long after John put the offer out there, two pet owners came to the pizza shop asking for help finding their lost animal. Although the flyers on the pizza boxes have yet to bring any lost dogs or cats home, John is hopeful that other businesses in the area will do something similar and help spread awareness.

Anyone in the Matawan/Aberdeen area who has a missing pet can drop off flyers for us to place on all our pizza boxes. No charge.

Gepostet von Angelo's Pizza am Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2019

“Hopefully more businesses will take part in this,” he said. “That’s our intent. To reunite as many pets with their families as possible.”

I love this idea! I really hope some lost pets are reunited with their family through this simple gesture.

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