Man rescues mangy dog from traffic — then finds a note revealing she was abandoned

It’s always upsetting when people abandon their dogs, especially when they just leave them out on their own. These owners never consider the real, serious danger they’re putting the dogs in.

Luckily one man was in the right place at the right time to save a dog who was nearly struck by a car, and found the note that told her heartbreaking story.

Lionel Vytialingam, from Ipoh, Malaysia, was out getting groceries last month when he spotted a tiny, mangy dog roaming around in the street, in danger of being struck by the passing vehicles.

Note on her rubber band collar

Gepostet von Lionel Keith Vytialingam am Montag, 30. März 2020

“I held my breath each time she swerved into them or they into her,” he wrote on Facebook.

He followed the dog, got out of his car and the dog came towards him.

Lionel inspected the dog—she looked like she had been out on the street for a while, and had wet matted fur. But he found a soggy letter attached to her collar, and realized she wasn’t a stray… she was abandoned.

The letter explained that the dog was named Siggy, and she was a five-year-old goldendoodle.

While the owner wrote (in Siggy’s voice) that she is a good dog and deserves a good home, he still abandoned her and left her for dead.

My master is very sorry he had to leave me here with you, but he can’t look after me any more,” the note read.

Lionel broke down in tears, and decided to take the dog in and give her some care.

She thinks i really need a new car lol

Gepostet von Lionel Keith Vytialingam am Montag, 30. März 2020

He brought Siggy home and bathed her. He slowly gained the dog’s trust and realized how gentle she was.

“She was the gentlest, most loving little dog I had ever seen,” Lionel told The Dodo. “She began inching closer to me, maintaining strong eye contact and allowing me to hold her close to me.”

“When she’s with me, she’s calm.”

She started opening up to me… no wall behind or around her.. trust was growing after the hour

Gepostet von Lionel Keith Vytialingam am Montag, 30. März 2020

Warm-water-showered her

Gepostet von Lionel Keith Vytialingam am Montag, 30. März 2020

Unfortunately, he couldn’t adopt the dog himself—Siggy did not get along with his other rescue.

But he did find her a good forever home with his brother, who will soon take the dog in.

“He’ll be taking her in as soon as the COVID-19 Movement Control Order here in Malaysia ends,” Lionel said. “It’s really the perfect match between them because they share some personality traits.” 

While things worked out for poor Siggy, Lionel was still upset about her abandonment, and reminded people not to leave their dogs like this.

“This lil girl found me, and thank God for that,” he wrote on Facebook. “I still shudder to think of others out there just like her, with or without a ‘note.'”

We’re so glad this dog is safe, and is going to have a new forever home! It’s a heartbreaking story with a happy ending.

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