Bicyclist rescues an injured stray dog, and happens to find the perfect owner for him

Bicyclist rescues an injured stray dog, and happens to find the perfect owner for him

Sometimes life puts you in just the right place at just the right time. That was certainly the case for these people who helped save the life of a poor stray dog.

In 2018, mountain biker Jarrett Little was with a group cycling through Columbus, Georgia. But when the cyclists stopped for a break, a stray dog ran out from the woods to greet them.

The dog was in poor shape: “He was really thin, ribs showing and had a lot of road rash and a broken leg,” Jarrett told CBS News.

The bikers gave the dog some water, but it was clear they couldn’t leave him on his own… so Jarrett decided to get him to help.

Since he was on his bike ways away from town, there was only one solution: carry the stray pup on his back.

That’s an inspiring story in itself—the image of a biker going above and beyond to find a way to help this dog.

But that was only the first miracle: as soon as Jarrett reached town, he happened to find another person who was in the right place at the right time.

“Right when we returned to my local bike shop to get him some more water and food, we instantly ran into Mrs. Andrea who was in town from Maine,” Jarrett said.

Andrea Shaw was in the area on business, and was immediately interested in the dog. She offered to take him home with her to Maine to get him medical attention.

It was incredibly good timing: “Had I been five mins earlier or five mins later, we wouldn’t have crossed paths with her,” Jarrett said.

Andrea named the dog Columbo, or Bo for short, after the city she found him in.

She paid for his leg surgery. Bo received 25 staples in his hind legs, four pins and a cast on his front leg. She then found an organization to help her get Bo back to Maine.

Thank you SO much for getting Columbo safely from GA to Maine. I can’t say enough great things about his driver’s!!!!…

Posted by Andrea Shaw on Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bo found his forever home. He’s still doing well with Andrea at her farm. She continues to post updates on the dog’s Facebook page Adventures of Columbo.

His whole life turned around in an instant, and it’s all thanks to some incredible timing.

“They say the odds of winning the lottery are one in a million,” Jarrett wrote on Facebook. “This pup was the winner this week. Amazing series of fortunate events.”

It’s a miracle both these people happened to be at the right place at the right time to give this poor dog a second chance! Share this inspiring story!