Owner abandons pit bull by tying them to a tree as they flee from the coronavirus

Owner abandons pit bull by tying them to a tree as they flee from the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives, and it’s changed the way we think about our pets.

For many people, it’s made them appreciate their dogs and cats all the more—they’re the perfect companions for self-isolation, and people have even been clearing the shelters with new adoptions in recent weeks.

But sadly, some people are also abandoning their pets out of fear. That was the case for one poor pit bull, who got heartlessly left behind by his owner.

Last month, Lincoln, a brown-and-white pit bull, was found by a neighbor tied up to a tree, with a note attached.

They read the note, and it was clear the dog was abandoned:

I am leaving to California to be with my mother and brother during this pandemic,” the note read. “Please take care of Lincoln or find him a good home. I trust you with my baby. I’m sorry.”

The pandemic has forced many people to change their living situations, but it’s hard to imagine why this owner couldn’t make arrangements to take the dog along, or at the very least properly surrender him to a shelter instead of leaving him for dead.

Lincoln was left alone and confused, wondering where his family went. The Pittie Party of Central Florida came to the rescue, and Lincoln was taken in by a volunteer named Mayson Jones.

“He seemed a bit confused and was looking all around the yard for awhile,” Mayson told The Dodo. “But [he] eventually settled down and played fetch with me and seemed happy.”

She discovered a friendly, playful dog who didn’t deserve to be abandoned.

“He loves balls and any sort of toy he can chew up,” she said. “He’s very affectionate. Loves people—men, women, kids—and is not standoffish at all.”

Sadly, Lincoln is not alone: there are plenty of other dogs who are victims of their time, left behind due to circumstances caused by COVID-19.

“We are in crisis mode with the amount of people who have abandoned their dogs because of unemployment and the uncertainty of what is around the corner,” Pittie Party wrote on Facebook. “Shelters are being forced to euthanize dogs at a devastating rate. Individuals are abandoning their dogs on the streets.”

Lincoln will soon be put up for adoption, if you are interested you can contact The Pittie Party of Central Florida.

And if you want to help out shelters during this crisis, consider adopting or fostering an animal or making a donation—it could go a long way saving lives.

We hope Lincoln finds a great home soon! Spread the word, share this story!