Kayakers see sack floating down the river — and discover out it's six puppies left to die

Kayakers see sack floating down the river — and discover out it’s six puppies left to die

It’s still shocking how cruel people can be when abandoning animals. Instead of trying to find them good homes or surrendering them to a shelter, some people find the most inhumane ways to leave their pets.

One heartless person seemingly tried to drown a litter of puppies… and would’ve succeeded if it wasn’t for a some kindly bystanders being in the right place at the right time.

In 2017, two kayakers were going down the Blackstone River in Uxbridge, Massachusetts when they heard a faint noise… and were shocked to discover it was coming from a sack floating down the river.


They looked inside the bag, and discovered the heartbreaking sight of six tiny puppies, just a week old.

It was clear that someone had left them for dead. It was a miracle that the kayakers happened to by nearby to save them from a terrible fate. They got the puppies to safety.

“The guardian angels for these six little puppies was watching over them, and two kayakers came across and rescued them,” Uxbridge Police Chief Jeff Lourie told CBS Boston.

All the puppies were okay and were quickly taken care of, but even the police were appalled by the situation.

“It unconscionable, you can’t imagine what’s going through my head as a police officer for 29 years, someone would do that, someone would take six fairly newborn puppies and discard them in a body of water,” Chief Lourie said.

The police began an investigation into who could’ve abandoned the puppies, but it isn’t clear they ever found the man.


But the important thing is these puppies were safe… and thankfully went to good homes.

The puppies were too young to be adopted immediately, but were set to go up for adoption in 8-9 weeks. After the story of their ordeal hit the news, adoption requests came pouring in, ensuring that these dogs would have no trouble finding their forever homes.

“It’s nice to see we’re going to have a good outcome here,” Animal Control Officer Kevin Sullivan, who nursed the dogs back to health, told CBS.

“These puppies have a chance, they have a fighting chance.”

It’s a heartbreaking story, but one with a happy ending! Thank you to everyone who helped save these poor puppies! Share this story!