Man is arrested after being seen slamming his pit bull to the ground

Man is arrested after being seen slamming his pit bull to the ground

There are just some people who don’t deserve dogs at all—people who think they can just throw around and abuse their pets.

That was the shocking sight onlookers found last month, as a man harmed his pit bull out in public… but luckily, he soon got what was coming to him.

The incident occurred in July in Downtown Vancouver. A man had a pit bull on a leash, and was in a heated argument with a group of other men. The dog barked repeatedly, and the scene caught the attention of onlookers.


But then the altercation took a shocking turn.

Witnesses watched in horror as the man lifted his dog into the air and slammed him down into the ground.

Screenshot (edited)
Screenshot (edited)

The whole ordeal was caught on camera. Onlookers immediately confronted the man, and people are heard to be calling 911.

“We all ran at him and called the cops,” Tiffany Mak, who recorded the video, told CTV News Vancouver. “It was heartbreaking.”

“He started yelling at us, saying he can do whatever he wants because it’s his dog, and his dog will do whatever he wants it to do,” added Don Minaker, another witness.

Even more heartbreakingly, the witnesses attested that the man seemed to be encouraging the pit bull’s aggression during his argument. It’s possible this pit bull is being trained by his owner to be violent.

“The pit bull’s owner was letting it lunge,” Tiffany said.

But action was quickly taken. Police arrested the man for animal cruelty, and according to CTV, he was later released without custody of the dog, who was taken to an animal hospital.

This news was no doubt a relief to the concerned onlookers, who saw the dog was clearly heard bad by the attack.

“We heard the whimpering,” Don told CTV. “The dog was just shaking. It was wobbling while it walked.”

The SPCA is currently investigating the case.

What a shocking act of cruelty. This man should not be allowed to have a dog if this is how he is going to behave. If this is how he behaves in public who knows how he is at home.

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