Heroic firefighters rescue German Shepherd from house fire and save his life with oxygen

Firefighters can always be counted on to save anyone in danger, whether they be human or animal.

One fire crew is being hailed as heroes after recently saving a German Shepard from a burning building and saving his life with oxygen.

Firefighters from the Muskegon Charter Township Fire Department, in Michigan, responded to a report about a residential fire on February 18. While all people reportedly made it out of the building safely, a dog was still trapped inside, the department wrote on Facebook.

The department then began what they called an “all out effort to save Ace.”

While battling the fire, the fire crew spotted the dog — a German Shepard named Ace — in a second story bedroom window. They placed a ladder to the second floor, but Ace would not come out.

Instead, they had to go in and get him, even if it meant braving “thick dense smoke” and heavy fire conditions. Firefighters with breathing apparatus entered the home, and found Ace unresponsive.

They quickly administered oxygen via a special mask for animals, which had been donated by Dr. Lelli from the Animal Clinic of Muskegon.

The firefighters then carried the 95-pound dog out of the burning home. They got Ace to his family’s vehicle, and the dog was then transported to the local Animal Clinic for veterinary care.

The crew continued to battle the fire, which reportedly took several hours to extinguish.

But while on the scene, they got great news: Ace had pulled through, and was eager to return to thank them.

“We are happy to report that Ace was doing great and returned to the scene so we could meet him and take a group picture,” the department wrote on Facebook, sharing the heartwarming photo:

“We are thankful for Ace making it out and that all on scene personnel are safe,” they wrote.

It’s always inspiring to see firefighters to all out to save a dog from danger — but the department took the opportunity to remind pet owners to leave the rescuing to the professionals in a situation like this.

“Going back inside for your pets is a bad idea and we understand they are family too. We will always do our best to rescue pets so we remind everyone not to go back inside.”

Thank you to these firefighters for saving Ace! We’re so glad this dog is safe!

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