Firefighters rescue puppies from burning shed, save them with oxygen masks

Firefighters are always looking out for the animals in their communities. People often joke that they “save cats stuck in trees,” but in truth firefighters go the extra mile to save pets in dangerous situations.

That’s what one recent story shows, after fire crews saved four Labrador puppies from a shed fire, and provided life-saving oxygen.

According to West Midlands Fire Service, on December 29 fire crews responded to a call about a shed fire in Birmingham, England. Four puppies were trapped inside the burning structure.

The crews, from the Aston Fire Station and the Perry Barr Fire Station, arrived and found the shed engulfed in flames, but luckily they were able to get the four pups out alive.


But after surviving the blaze, the puppies were in need of oxygen. Thankfully, the firefighters were there to provide it.

Photos show a member of the crew carefully placing an oxygen mask on one of the Labradors:


The administration of oxygen masks on the scene proved to be life-saving, as all the dogs made it out of the incident alive.

“All puppies are safe and well,” Aston Fire Station wrote on Twitter.


It goes to show the hard work and quick-thinking that firefighters do to save animals’ lives. We’re so glad these puppies are safe!

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